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Big Trill

Big Trill

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He’s six feet-four inches tall, he’s arguably the fastest rapper in the region, song writer and he’s out of Baboon Forest Entertainment. Big Tril, real names Kaiza Roland might be new on the scene but he’s got what it takes to become Africa’s finest Hip hop artist.

Briefly describe Big Tril?  Big Tril (Born in Greatness to Rise into a Legend) is a simple, down to earth, educated and the second last born out of 5 children. Signed to Baboon Forest Entertainment and a Hip Hop artist.

When u say educated, which schools did you attend? I went to Nakasero, Shimoni and Rubaga Boys for my primary level before I joined Turkish Light academy for both my O and A level. I’m in my last year at Uptech pursuing bachelors in multimedia studies.

Why Hip Hop of all music Genres? I grew up in an environment full of hip hop. My brothers always brought hip hop magazines and tapes which influenced me to like the genre. Listening to 2pac and Biggie exposed me more to liking hip hop.

Who do you take as your inspiration in the music industry both International and locally? Internationally, it was 2pac, Jay Z and Andre 300 but locally, it’s the late Philly Bongole Lutaya, my C.E.O GNL Zamba and myself.  

Why Baboon Forest and not any other record label and what has the company done to promote u as an artist? For starters, I was a free agent and when Baboon Forest directors offered a good deal, I was like why not try them out but the bond I got when I fully fitted in was simply overwhelming and I believe it’s the biggest record label in East Africa. The company has helped me out in various things like promoting me as an artist, financing both my videos and audios, getting me gigs and directing my music career.

How many songs does Big Tril have? At the moment, I have five solo tracks including “Drain me dry”, “Lost love”, “Zizu”, “Inside outside” and “Straka money” but I was among the artists in “Sesetula” and  “Competition is dead” among others.

When exactly did Big Tril join the music industry? Professionally, I joined in March 2010 when Baboon Forest signed me but I had been doing mainstream rapping before.

Besides music, what else are you involved in? I like art, basically drawing sketches, I do radio but part time on Xfm and I play basketball in my free time.

How different is Big Tril in the music industry? Big Tril brings a new element in hip hop because he raps so fast and slow at the same time, can do a mixture of English and Luganda and writes melodies as well.

What do you look at when writing your songs? I look at the general surroundings basically things around me, I also look at my emotional attachments and lastly my music resonates around the local people.

Any challenges so far? I don’t know if it’s a challenge but my only problem is that fans expect a lot from me. Like when I take long to out a song, the fans are always pressurizing me to release another one which is kind of hard on my side.

Which particular artist would you like to work with in the near future? Even though he past, I still have do something with Philly Bongole Lutaya. I also look forward to doing something with Maurice Kirya, Tear Gas from South Africa and Caboo Snoop from Angola.

And successes? My fan base has steadily increased, I’m signed to one of the best record labels in East Africa, I have connections and I have performed at state House for the president. What more could I ask for at the moment!

Where do you think Hip Hop is heading in the next three years? I believe it’s heading in the right direction and thanks to artists like GnL, Keko, Navio among others. By 2015, it’s going to be the leading genre in East Africa.

What studios have you worked with so far? Credit goes to Talent Africa, Swangz Avenue, Hannz Tactic and Buzz Audio.

Five years from now. Where is Big Tril? Spear heading Baboon Forest International and being one of Africa’s finest. I will as well have done collaborations with Rihanna and Jay Z among others.

Last words to all your fans and musicuganda readers? I would like to thank my fans as well as hip hop lovers for their support and Keep visiting musicuganda website for the latest entertainment info.

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Big Trill’s collabo with STL and Mohombi by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273)

Big Tril has surely begun the year on a high note after he was featured on the same track with big artists like Mohombi and STL. Big Tril was introduced to STL by Mckenzie through his Rudeboymuzik and she liked his style. In the process, she suggested that he becomes one of the artists to be on her remix of her song “Whoola Hoop rmx along with Mohombi and indeed, he didn’t disappoint after the song turned out a much more success compared to the original version.“Stl was in the country two months ago and we discussed more details about the track and she promised that if it works out, we will be releasing another joint anytime soon.” Big Tril said. With such success in just his second year of serious promotion, Big Tril is slated to become one of the sought after artists in Uganda.

Monday. April 30th, 2012

Baboon Forest biggest winners in Buzz Teeniez awards by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273)

During last week’s Buzz Teeniez awards at garden city rooftop, Baboon Forest artists were the big winners of the day as they scooped almost every award they participated in. Baboon Forest took home the best group award then followed it up with Mun G winning the male category, best riddim (giratujile) and best Hip Hop song (Namalayo) while Big Trill scooped the top hood rapper.

Keko won the female artist; Coco Finger is the dancehall artist while the dancehall track went to AK47’s “champion”. Tonics was also one of the big winners of the day as he took home both the RnB artist and RnB song for his “swaggmeter” track. Yet again Dj Shiru and Washington were voted the best Dj and Beat maker respectively while “Pollination”, a collaboration between Goodlyf and HB Toxic was voted the best hottest collabo beating competition from “Automatic”, Cease and Sickle, so high and wine it up.

Despite a poor attendance from the crowd, the event was successful with great performances coming in from artists such as Chameleon, HB Toxic, Swangz Avenue’s Young Zee and Sera, Baboon forest among others. Other notable winners include Exodus, Byg Kahuna, Mc Kats, Ntv, Hot 100, and Hon Rebecca Kadagga among others.

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