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Brown Baw

Brown Baw

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Brown Baw is a Ugandan R&B and Soul Music artist born on 21 May 1992 in jinja, eastern uganda. Raised in a loving family of 6 siblings being the 4th born. Primary education was attained at Aiden Primary School in Mukono, afterwards he joined Bishops Senior School Mukono for his secondary level.Currently Brown Baw is enrolled at Makerere University Kampala offering a Bachelor's degree In Industrial And Organizational Psychology where he will be graduating in February 2017.

His music career started when he was 10yrs Old in school choir and he solicited many songs in schools. At 18yrs a friend agreed to teach him how to play a guitar and this got him start developing skills in music writing and at the age of 20 he managed to buy his own guitar. In His senior Two him at a friend made there first song called sometimes made by a famous Eastern artist Ivulungo (then). On joining Campus (MUK) he made more audios like.

1.Hustler ft Kvt,

2.Mabikira(A Virgin).,

3.So Beautiful,


5.melody Remix, 

6.African Gal,