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Sheryph Ks

Sheryph Ks

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Sheryph Ks sometimes called "Kayz",born Kisambira Sharifu(Mulambuuzi) on 21st November 1995 in Uganda.He is a Ugandan musician and actor basing in Kampala,Uganda with new styles of music; R&B hiphop,Hip-hop soul and R&B soul.His music is composed of many languages that is,English,Luganda,Lusoga and many others.Sheryph ks's musical career began in 2012 when he met with Glassless Beatz,Nutty Neval and Troy Alnex in Busia.And because of his unique talent he was joined to the crew by Glassless Beatz which he had just started called "BSA SWAAG" .This helped him to record his first singles in 2012;Be with you,whine to me in which he featured Nutty Neval & Glassless Beatz.In 2013,he recorded Yankuba and in 2014,he featured Troy Alnex in Jangu jensula produced by Glassless Beatz, sheryph also had collaborations like Koyoneko in which he was featured by Basha P & Sean Baker, Shake Yo Ting in which he was featured by Mr Gt which he took to websites like reverbnation,soundcloud to share his newly discovered talent with the world,surprisingly these yielded him a good number of fans and followers something that kept on energizing him to stay focussed and determined to develop his talent.
He later on released songs like Good moment in 2015 and his latest being Right in which he was featured by Troy Alnex and Duwa or Benediction which he had just released in January