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Tasha Bieibe

Tasha Bieibe

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Natukunda tasha known as Tasha Bieibe , a writer of her own music, versatile in music genres  was born on 5th august 1994 .
She grew up as a humble  little girl who was scared of almost everything. She considered music industry to be immoral and it had never crossed her mind to sing anywhere, neither did she know she could ever get interested nor be bold enough to face crowds.
However her story started to change in 2017 when robbers broke into there  home and left her with nothing but pain.
Being the first born of 5,lost her father when she was 5 she had a responsibility to fulfil towards her siblings and mother. 
It was a very trying moment in the family  that called for desperate measures.
She had to turn to God like never before to sake for answers.
Fortunately  77days of prayer had started at miracle center.c (lubaga) and that's where  
she started rubbing shoulders with some artist who had come to the same church to give there lives to Christ.
In particular she admired cute Kaye "live singing" session.
Therefore she took it on her self to inquire how is it possible to be as good as he sounds.
It was in this short  conversation the spark of music kicked off for Tasha bieibe.
In her free time she would get creative with putting together lyrics helping her little sister "shanty lax" who had loved music since childhood.
In a snap of a finger it was a recording session for shanty lax and that's how Tasha bieibe entered a recording studio for the first time.
 She didn't see it coming but that's how  she kicked off with recording her first song  "Am in love" with Easy pro. 
In April 2018 she shot her first song video called "Ndaluse"  ,followed by "Go down" and from since her love for music has never ceased .
What started as a conversation, turned out as a life time career.
The little girl with lots of insecurities turned to be a lioness on stage.
Music melted her fears away and rediscovered the person she didn't know before.