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Fille Reportedly Sacks MC Kats As Manager and Boyfriend

Fille Reportedly Sacks MC Kats As Manager and Boyfriend
Photo: Unknown

The month of love is not short of drama! It’s not all about the cozy lovey dovey affair.

As you read this, Fille is dealing with the other side of love after breaking up with her boyfriend and manager MC Kats. Bubbly singer Fille Mutoni and midget TV host and events MC, Kats are no longer an item.

The two have separated and are living differently. We have been reliably informed that when The Gwasinga hit maker finally got pregnant, MC Kats started making noise left, right and center that he was going to put a ring on it. He gave his in- laws- to- be his word and the anticipation started.

After Fille gave birth to their child, the emcee was too broke to hold a ceremony befitting of a celebrity status. To calm down the pressure from his in laws, he begun begging for wedding funds from friends and in-laws.

The proceeds he got from the wedding contributions late last year during Fille’s concert were used to buy her a car which he handed over as a gift.

However, that did not blind fold the in laws who treasure culture than gifts. The “No money" singer this time could not take the “good- good loving" in exchange for a wedding.

He got no money so she succumbed to pressure and packed her bags. He is also said to have been feasting on other babes while Fille was carrying their little angel.

Kats and Fille were meant to hold their much anticipated wedding by the end of this month, when she returns from the UK Valentine’s day show, but this could be history now.

MC Kats has for years been promising the chubby singer a white wedding, but never delivers.

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