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Ugandan Musicians Likely To End Up In A REHAB ‘Coz Of Drug Misuse!

Ugandan Musicians Likely To End Up In A REHAB ‘Coz Of Drug Misuse!
Photo: Unknown

Smoking Weed is not bad…Drinking booze is not bad either! However, misuse of these drugs may lead one to go bonkers or die.

Today we look at musicians likely to die of booze and drugs or end up in Rehab like Jackie Chandiru if they fail to change their way of drug consumption.

Bobi Wine

It’s no surprise to find the self-acclaimed president of the Ghetto in this category as on countless occasions he has publicly confirmed the use of hard drugs. Apart from his behavior which most people believe could only be as a result of the abuse of substance he has been spotted in public places smoking WEED.

Kalifa Aganaga

One can only be naive if you claim you don't know or believe this Dancehall star smoke weed aka High Grade. We believe it’s for the love of the "high grade" that his eyes no longer have a white element in them but simply RED EYES.

Dr. Jose Chameleone

What list would it be without him. Arguably the best musician in Uganda, a true Legend. And he is certainly the biggest ‘REX Smoker’ of all the musicians. From Monday to Sunday you will find Chameleone puffing and fisting on Red Label whisky and other hard vodkas. Though Chameleone doesn’t regularly smoke weed, it is doesn’t stop him from being a biggest drug addict.

Radio and Weasel

 Everything Jose Chameleone does, Uganda’s finest duo does better. They drink, smoke weed like chimney and even do women at a rate girl changes pads when in pees. From Monday to Sunday they are always high.

Cindy Sanyu

Cindy Sanyu is not a racist of drugs.  Her friends tell us she drinks whatever she finds. And she smokes any type of weed. In fact, someone made fun of her that if President Museveni created a ministry of drugs, Cindy would be the perfect minister. 

Young Mulo

The self-acclaimed King of dancehall in Uganda was last year sent to jail for smoking weed. Calls himself the man insane, word from the ghetto say, he is now campaigning against the use of the substance in public... very convenient huh?

Sheeba Karungi

Truth be told, her life is in danger. Sheeba needs prayers and nothing else. This is simply because she drinks and smokes like a problem. Shisha she intakes can fill 20kg gas cylinder.

Ziza Bafana

Ziza Bafana’s talent in smoking weed is as big as in music. Ever since he hit the big stage, Ziza has not spent a single day minus smoking weed. He boozes too as if his life depends on water chemicals.

Grace Nakimera

Grace is not your ordinary woman! She can rarely be seen in bars or night parties. However, she boozes more than fish drinks water. She is a lover of wines and hard vodkas. Our snoops have always found her at her hide-out, Centenary Park downing numerous bottles of Smirnoff Vodka which she drinks like soda while puffing Shisha like a chimney. Truth be told, her life is in danger.

Ssiza Dictionary

When he drinks, Guinness suffers. He’s the only struggling artist who has always stuck with his Guinness in money and in poverty.  Recently, was arrested for drunk driving. His smoking skills might not be up there but he is drinking is alarming.

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