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After Dumping Fille, Mc Kats is Finally building a House

After Dumping Fille, Mc Kats is Finally building a House
Photo: Unknown

Either Mc Kats was being slow-minded by her ex-girlfriend Fille, or that's what he wants you to think. But the previous seems pretty legit, right?!

Edwin Katamba, a.k.a Mc Kats, has been dating Fille for the past 3 years after launching the 25-year-old singer's music career in 2013.

They've had their ups and downs as reflected in the media and Mc Kats was more often than not critisized by his 'concerned' fans that he was not developing with Fille and that their relationship was not going to help the veteran MC achieve anything.

True or Not, Mc Kats is finally building a house of his own ... if the photo he shared with a 'Dear Lord lead me n help me on this journey' caption is anything to go by. It most likely is.

After 3 years of boasting Fille's career -- even sometimes finding himself at the center of controversy for always fixing the 'No Money' singer on almost every gig's performers list -- he got an accident and an apparent ugly beating from Fille's friends.

In case you forgot ...

Mc Kats proposed to Fille on Live Television 2 years ago at the  Buzz Teeniez awards.

Buzz Teeniez Awards 2013: Mc Kats gets on his knees and proposes to Fille

... and a few days later met her parents ...

Mc Kats met Fille's parents 2 years ago in preparations for a wedding ... that never happened

... in Oct. 2016, the famous couple split ... in probably one of the nastiest ways ever. End of story.

Kats is definitely channeling his rage into something worthwhile ... and ... that's the way to go.

Check out the initial stages of Mc Kat's house in the photo below;

Mc Kats: initial stages of his apparent house

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