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Grace Nakimera Says She Has Never Slept With King Oyo

Grace Nakimera Says She Has Never Slept With King Oyo
Photo: Unknown

The love life of singer Grace Nakimera gets controversial each day that goes by. Today she is rumored to be bonking a Mzungu, the next day she is bonking with a king ...... It’s that confusing to us.

Well, yesterday singer finally opened up about her relationship with King Oyo, and yes, she claims it’s just friendship rather than what a section of media portrays it.

In a social media reaction, singer let out too little and leaving the rest to imagination,

“How many times will you be pushed and you don't push back? With all due respect these rumors are not true. My silence has been taken for granted,” Grace Nakimera wrote on Facebook.

That aside……….

Previous rumor had it that Kingdom regents were furious and vowing not to allow Nakimera spoil their King with marathon romps, for she is not a product of the land.

We will keep you posted.


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