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Bebe Cool Criticises Mc Kats For Denying Fresh Daddy A Platform To Promote His Music

Bebe Cool Criticises Mc Kats For Denying Fresh Daddy A Platform To Promote His Music
Photo: Unknown

On Thursday night, Fresh Daddy was stopped from performing at one of the city bars by Mc Kats on grounds that his music is substandard.

Singer Bebe Cool through his social media platforms has criticised Mc Kats’ decision by branding it unfair and uncalled for since the music industry is for everyone.

According to Bebe Cool, Fresh Daddy is trying to better himself, no one has a right to put him down.

 “I find it so ridiculous trying to put down or fail a man who is trying to better his life from a nail polisher(manicurist)to an artist/musician,in this case the so called FRESH DADDY.

It should be remembered that the reason i support President M7 is the fact that he has put an environment that even the brainless, clueless or no talent ones can make money in UGANDA and earn a better living,an environment that for sure only the lazy will die poor.

I saw my brother mc KATS sending the man away from stage and i have heard many totally putting him off but don't u think that should be left for audiences to choose on who they want to watch?With my experience Ugandans can accommodate anything or anyone as long as they are happy with it or him and then remember they will ask him away as long as he is of no more use/entertainment to them.But by that time he will have saved some money enough to become better and maybe even take care of his family too as you saw the wife was complaining about him not being there for them.

We as Ugandans must appreciate FRESH daddy has not opted for theft or killing bodaboda riders but rather a choice that allows revellers to decide for them selves if they want to give him the MAZIKE or not.

Allow the man to make and save the little he can as fast as he can coz u know he won't last long but he will be a better Ugandan tomorrow.

So let's allow all Ugandans to make money any how anywhere as long as they abide by the law and they don't hurt anyone.

Thank you president M7 for this conducive environment,” his statement read.

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