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I'm Bigger Than Diamond Platinumz -  Kenzo

I'm Bigger Than Diamond Platinumz -  Kenzo
Photo: Unknown

Both artistes have achieved big in the music industry. 

Eddy Kenzo and Diamond Platinumz currently dominate the East African music market space.

However the argument has always been who of the two is better. In a recent interview, Kenzo gave an insight of how he ranks against Diamond Platinumz.

Kenzo says Diamond is bigger in East Africa but when it comes to ranks across the whole continent, the Big Talent boss says he is the King.

“He has only started going to countries like Cameroon, Guinea Bissau yet I was there many years ago. Many people think he is better than me because his videos have more views on Youtube compared to mine but that is because internet in Tanzania is cheaper than it is in Uganda,” says Kenzo.

Kenzo admits that Diamond shoots more expensive than him. 

“He has more money and he gets funding from the government unlike me who funds everything by myself,” he explained.

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