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Zahara Totto, Anatalia Ozi Reportedly at War

Zahara Totto, Anatalia Ozi Reportedly at War
Photo: Unknown

The Uncut hosts Zahara Totto and Anatalia Ozi are reportedly at war over disrespecting each other.

The two have not worked together for two weeks now, Anatalia currently hosts the show with a reporter, Kayz.

The company has been reporting that Zahara Totto is on leave but different sources at Next Media suggest that she  was asked to step aside by the management as investigations into the matter take the centre stage.

Sources say Zahara Totto has always bullied Anatalia on and off air calling her a local presenter something Annatalia couldn't stomach any more.

"Zahara Totto is not on any break but the management is still thinking of a way forward to resolve her disagreement with Annatalia. Anatalia is still adamant to work with her, she prefers to work with Lord Kayz," source revealed.

Zahara Totto is currently presenting the lunch time show at Next Radio and the SNL on Saturday

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