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Desire Luzinda Hit by Strange illness 

Desire Luzinda Hit by Strange illness 
Photo: Unknown

Singer Desire Luzinda has revealed how she has been battling with a strange illness that got her worried about her life. 

 “For 2 weeks I have been sick that for the first time in my life I got scared because it was extremely unusual,” she wrote on social media.”  “I was having my max of 8hrs of sleep and living normal and just one morning I woke up feeling sick. I thought to myself maybe I need a holiday lol I started planning to take some time off.  Day 2 I got worse. My body feeling completely out of energy and me struggling to eat, things got serious. All tests came back negative but I was feeling weaker and weaker with no appetite.   “The second week came, I was feeling worse.  I was so dehydrated even when I thought I was taking enough water, I wonder how much water is enough,” the singer posted on Facebook.

She currently stays in the USA with her daughter Michelle.

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