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GNL Zamba Promises Reunion with Mun G & Big Trill  

GNL Zamba Promises Reunion with Mun G & Big Trill  
Photo: Unknown

Luga flow fans have something to look forward to after GNL Zamba promised to reunite with his former protégés Mun G and Big Trill.  The trio was a force in the Luga flow field, under Baboon Forest. 

They can be remembered for doing a mega track titled 'Sestula'. 

When Mun G and Big Trill left Baboon, there were reports that GNL Zamba and Mun G were beefing.  In the latest interview,  GNL Zamba dismissed rumors, stating that they split into good terms and have always maintained a brotherly relationship.   

Asked whether he has plans to reunite and do a song with the two, his answers were affirmative.   “We all want to do a reunion. Maybe a concert. The fans have been demanding it and we are willing to work together again.  Hopefully, in the not-so-far-away future.”

GNL Zamba added that he is proud of the two artists.

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