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Kato Lubwama reveals why he did not support Bobi Wine 

Kato Lubwama reveals why he did not support Bobi Wine 
Photo: Unknown

Kato Lubwama was one of the few entertainers who managed to make it to the 10th Parliament in 2016.

He was expected to uplift fellow entertainers, but it did not come to pass.

When Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine joined politics, he had no kind words for him.

Many claimed that he was just jealousy of the 39-year old’s achievements.

However, for the first time, he had come out to openly give reasons why he never supported the singer turned legislator.

According to Kato Lubwama, he was afraid of getting censored as an entertainer because entertainment is his source of livelihood. 

“I never supported Bobi Wine because I never wanted to take a risk on my profession as an artist. Now, that I was ejected from Parliament, how else would I survive  if was banned from performing?” Lubwana said wondered.

It should be noted that on several occasions, Bobi Wine has accused the government of gagging whoever supports him

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