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Douglas Lwanga Is Older Than Me- Linda Lisa Confirms

Douglas Lwanga Is Older Than Me- Linda Lisa Confirms
Photo: Unknown

TV personality Douglas Lwanga and veteran bar marketer, Linda Lisa have been dating for over 10 years.

They are blessed with two beautiful boys aged 8 and 3 respectively.

But their relationship has been under scrutiny from social media users for a long time.

She is often attacked for allegedly being older than Douglas and bleaching her skin.

Although, his classmates at Kitende say he is soon clocking 49 years old.

But it seems, she has had enough of the bullying and trolling.

In her defense, she took to social media to confirm that Douglas is way older than her.

“FYI Bambi, he(Douglas Lwanga) is older than me if you must know and you can argue with your keyboards. We are both comfortable with each other and embrace our imperfections,” part of the long post on social media read.

It should be noted that Douglas Lwanga was previously married to Eunice Nuwamanya before they divorced over the irreconcilable differences.

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