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Love-Hate Relationship: Biggest Fights Between Journalists and Musicians

Love-Hate Relationship: Biggest Fights Between Journalists and Musicians
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TV presenters working for Next Media Services; Isaac Kawalya alias Kayz, Brian Waako, and Williams Makuliro alias Marko are in the spotlight due to allegations they made against a musician, Omulangira Ssuna. 

It is a case of journalists and a musician being at the center of the news due to their love-hate relationship. Both parties need each other to sell the art, but they are also wary of each other. The musicians are scared that the journalist can easily draw the curtain to reveal their sensitive business. They love the music, but the musicians are more than news sources. 

Yes, music stars make more money than journalists and money can be a hard thing to refuse for some scribes who work in an industry that is insecure and changing so fast. No one is guaranteed anything. Sometimes, the temptation to sell the soul becomes too much and it's the reason musicians are always suspicious.

For many years in Uganda, the two camps have been crashing and it's not about to stop. We compiled a list of fights between musicians and journalists or media houses that graced news. Read on;

Josephat Seguya Vs Chameleone

In the early 2000s, Josephat Seguya, a gossip presenter with Bukedde TV was very close to singer Jose Chameleone. He was often regarded as Chameleone's hang-on. This enabled Seguya to get access to top kept secrets of the Leone Island boss. Seguya would later broadcast exclusive news about Chameleone, especially about his marital woes. This caused a major rift between the two and for so long they didn’t see eye to eye. The two came close to blows many times they met. In 2018, the two clashed at Catherine Kusasira’s wedding.
Seguya sued Chameleone, but the issue wa settled outside court, thanks to mediations that we're led by music promoter Balaam Barugahara.

Radio & Weasel Vs Robert Kabushenga

Almost 8 years ago, the Goodlyfe musicians,  late Radio, and Weasel were embroiled in a war with Vision Group’s former CEO, Robert Kabushenga after they accused him of trying to sabotage their music battle with Bebe Cool. Before that, the boys had filed a lawsuit against Vision Group, arguing that the company was using its different platforms to publish defamatory stories against them.

During the battle, Radio and Weasel released a song directed at Kabushenga and they named it ‘Ba customer’

After the song, the group’s music was banned from playing on all Vision Group platforms. It was until a year later that their differences were ironed out.

Eddy Kenzo Vs Kasuku

A few years back, some rumors suggested that Kenzo was paying djs not to play BigEye’s music. The rumors projected Kenzo as a bad human.

At a press conference, Kasuku asked Kenzo to address the tales, but this angered Kenzo who stood up and thumped  Kasuku. The two were separated by other journalists.

Kasuku threatened to sue Kenzo, but issues were solved. It is said that Kenzo paid about 10M to Kasuku as compensation and this was done outside court.
The two have never become friends again. But they both continue to flourish in their respective careers.

Bebe Cool Vs Mc Luzze

Mc Luzze wakes up every morning praying that Bebe Cool forgives him. Their feud stems from his days at defunct WBS TV where he hosted a gossip show. Luzze often said bad things about Bebe Cool and his family. 

Bebe Cool even asked the management to fire  Luzze from the station.

He made the same plea when Luzze moved to Record TV.

Luzze has on several occasions asked for forgiveness for his past mistakes, but Bebe Cool ignores him.

Lil Pazo Vs Zahara Toto

Not long ago, Lil Pazo posted a video of a dirty house in Kawempe and said it was where Zahara Toto lived with her children. He went ahead to claim that she urinates on the bed at night. 

He was accusing her of saying hurtful statements about him on her show.

This year, he apologized for his actions, but before that, she had shelved his music.

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