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Victor Kamenyo On Suicide Watch After A Disappointing Concert.

Photo: Unknown

Victor Kamenyo has suffered his first heart break in music industry after his show nearly flopped, only to be rescued by a handful of friends and relatives.

Victor was falsely made to believe that he can oust Gravity Omuttujju dominance from the King of Luga flow by staging a show on the same day with Gravity; however, to the shock of his promoters, Muganzilwaza the place that was meant to be a bee hive of party goers was just a handful of friends and sympathizers!

By the time our snoops left the struggling event, the fans were seen decreasing at an increasing rate heading for Gravity Omutujju’s shows! We have been told even fellow singers who were meant to perform as guest artistes, shunned the show.

For now, the rapper is now nursing his disappoints from the concert as friends are now keeping their eyes wide not to commit suicide.

We will update you more!

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