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SHOCK REPORT: The Real Truth Behind Fille & MC Kats Conflict

SHOCK REPORT: The Real Truth Behind Fille & MC Kats Conflict
Photo: Unknown

Howwe.Biz just got wind of news of THE GENESIS OF FILLE and MC KATS fight yesterday night –  Rumour has it that Fille is frustrated after apparently got to know she has THAT MONSTER DISEASE from MC Kats . . . . This is a very sensitive issue, obviously, since we are not able to 100% confirm the story – we’re going to leave it as a Blind Item. – as is being reported elsewhere on social media and other blogs:


Years back Fille had a desire to be a big artist but all in vein but one day she landed on MC Kats who promised to take her to the land of her dreams ,their relationship began which later turned into a love affair ,people who are mostly friends of Fille started feeling sorry for the then young girl cause they new mc cats was Hiv positive some even talked to Fille but Fille thought those people who were telling him about mc cat's HIV status were just bad minded about their affair ,but later Fille started suspecting when their doctor advised them not to breastfeed their kid then things became worse recently when Fille decided to go for a test and she tested HIV positive and due to that she had decided to take away cat's life ,these people need not to be persecuted but they need help cause the situation they are passing is so tough.

This report REALLY hurt our heart.

We’re told that a person EXTREMELY CLOSE to the situation is the one who has been telling everyone that cares to listen . . . 

Very sad news.

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