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Victor Kamenyo Finally speaks out on Chozen Becky

Victor Kamenyo Finally  speaks out on Chozen Becky
Photo: Unknown

Rapper Victor Kamenyo introduced songstress Chozen Becky to the music scene and he has been managing her career for the last 6 months. Under his management, she secured a mega hit " Bakuuza" written by Nince Henry and it is currently dominating the airwaves.

Like the popular saying goes, money is the root of all evil,the two have parted ways and this has left Victor Kamenyo in sorrows.

He talked to Howwebiz and informed us that Beckie has moved on very fast.

"I had signed her for 10 years but she has left in less than a year, can you imagine," he lamented.

The two have been staying in the same enclosure and Victor Kamenyo purchased all the necessary household items  however on her departure, she wanted to whisky away with everything in the wee hours of the morning, but Victor Kamenyo was alerted and he blocked her.

 "We went to police and she agreed to fulfill terms of the contract. She will sing on all the earlier booked shows," he added.

Victor Kamenyo started his career with Azizi Azion before moving to  a Sangoma  businessman,Mzanzi, where he spent a few years before deserting him to start a solo career.

When asked what prompts artistes to leave managers, he said that most times artistes just want  to move on.

"I will continue singing and helping other artistes, " he concluded.

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