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Paddy man commends Chameleone for good morals 

Paddy man commends Chameleone for good morals 
Photo: Unknown

Producer PaddyMan is one of the most respected producers in the land. He made countless hits with musicians like Bobi Wine, Chameleone, Goodlyfe, Eagles Band among others.

In an interview with a local television, Paddy man applauded Chameleone for his good behaviours while working in studio with Producers. He blamed Diggy Baur for being unprofessional.

PaddyMan said he has worked with Jose Chameleone on different songs but he has never been disappointed in him. He does things professionally and has much respect for him whenever they meet.

"I have worked with Chameleone and he is a very good person, my experience with him in studio is very good. I think Diggy Baur is doing things unproffessionally and that is all the root cause," he said.

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