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Rabadaba Was A One  Nightstand, He Bonked Me To Coma-    Bad Black Confesses 

Rabadaba Was A One  Nightstand, He Bonked Me To Coma-    Bad Black Confesses 
Photo: Unknown

Socialite Bad Black discloses that she was not in a relationship with everyone she bonked. Some men were just picked to pleasure her for just minutes. She enjoyed paying men to change her oil.

She says she has only dated Kim Swagga, Meddie Sentongo, and Greenhalgh. She had a mutual romantic relationship with only three men before meeting his current boyfriend, Asha Panda.

While talking about her conquests, Bad Black singles out Rabadaba who enjoyed her for a night.

She narrates that he is well endowed between the legs compared to other men she had previously met.

"I have only been in a relationship with Kim Swagga, Meddie Ssentongo, and Greenhalgh, but for Rabadaba it was a one-night stand and nothing more. He has a five-inch whopper," she reveals in an interview with a local YouTuber.

Bad Black is set to wed her current boyfriend, Asha Panda, on the date that is yet to be set. She tipped that the ceremony will be taking place in Zanzibar.

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