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Daniella Asks Fans to Give Chameleone Privacy

Daniella Asks Fans to Give Chameleone Privacy
Photo: Unknown

 Jose Chameleone’s wife, Daniella Atim, is asking the public to show compassion and empathy to her husband who is bedridden due to liver and pancreas complications. 

Reports say his condition is related to too much consumption of alcoholic drinks and spirits.

On Thursday night, he was rushed to Seguku Doctors Clinic after his situation got worse. 

But after a few hours at the hospital, he asked to be discharged telling them he was feeling better.

When he returned home, he got worse in the wee hours of Friday morning and was rushed to a top hospital in Kampala.

Devastated Daniella has made a call through her online platforms asking the public to respect the singer. 

She wrote, “But what are we all sharing that so “unpleasant photo of our personal person”? Do you guys realize he has children far from him whose emotional wellbeing you and I should protect? So am busy collected explaining to my child that PYLORI is a bacterial infection that should clear with consistent treatment and you are all sharing a damn picture. Don’t we all have a happy picture of our favorite human?”  Some fans instead used that as a platform to bash her for staying away from her husband.  

Daniella currently lives in America with the kids.

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