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Gravity Omutujju Makes Fun Of Zari 

Gravity Omutujju Makes Fun Of Zari 
Photo: Unknown

Before Zari Hassan became a brand as one of the most sought-after celebrities in East Africa, she was a singer.

She was serious about her music as she dropped several songs; "Hotter than Them", Toloba, Nkaaba, and Jukila.

She later noticed that she couldn't become a millionaire very fast, she decided to concentrate on business.

And rapper Gravity Omutujju has something to say about Zari's stagnant music career.

He posted her music video and revealed how he is ready to help her revive her career.

"I want to sign this artist and give her a contract of five years," he captioned the video.

In the comment section, he said Zari thought the music business was simple until she entered the recording studio.

She quit without any hit song.

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