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Panic Signing: Untold Story of how Sheilah Gashumba  ended up on NBS TV  

Panic Signing: Untold Story of how Sheilah Gashumba  ended up on NBS TV  
Photo: Unknown

On Friday, NBS TV unveiled Sheilah Gashumba as the new After5 show co-host even though she was not among the many personalities that auditioned for the job.  

By Thursday, it was almost clear that NTV's Crysto Panda was set to join the winning team. He had reached an agreement with the Naguru based TV station the previous week.

However, in a twist of events, Crysto Panda whose contract with Serena-based station expires at the end of the year was offered a better package by NTV bosses, ditching the NBS TV job. 

The NBS management realized that personalities like Robin Kisti, Mc Casmir, and Emeka who had vied to be part of the show were not as big as their number one priority, Crysto Panda. They tasked Douglas Lwanga to try his luck with his former NTV The Beat co-host Sheila Gashumba on Wednesday afternoon, the same day Crysto Panda rejected the job offer. 

Crysto Panda's new deal at NTV will bring an end to his five-year stint at T-Nation. He will officially start hosting a lunchtime show known as The Vybe come January 2021.

Meanwhile, Sheila Gashumba who has been off the TV screens for close to three years agreed to meet the NBS bosses on Thursday morning and an agreement was reached before she went for a photo shoot with the rest of the crew on that same day.

She will be part of the NBS After5 crew for the next year as per the contract. 

Close friends to Sheilah Gashumba claim she has been desperately trying to find a big local TV show to keep her brand relevant and so when NBS came calling, the decision was very easy to make.

The personalities that had earlier auditioned for the job have been fuming on social media. Robin Kisti took to social media to accuse NBS TV of choosing Sheilah Gashumba for her social media following over talent.

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