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I Don’t Regret Dating My Ancestor — Guvnor Ace

I Don’t Regret Dating My Ancestor — Guvnor Ace
Photo: Unknown

Struggling musician Guvnor Ace is largely known for his romantic involvement with a 72-year-old zungu woman, Mona Lisa, whom he married years ago.

Although he broke up with her, he says he doesn’t regret his relationship with her.

Guvnor Ace, who was 23b years old then was highly criticized online for marrying an ancestor. 

“I wouldn’t be where I am today if hadn't married Mona Lisa. I am grateful because whatever happened after changed my life for the better,” he says.

He says the only mistake he made was to make his relationship public.

 “I’m never doing that again,” he says.

He hopes to settle down with another loaded zungu in the future.

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