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John Blaq: I Enjoyed Goodlyfe Music While in P.1

John Blaq: I Enjoyed Goodlyfe Music While in P.1
Photo: Unknown

In 2009, the Goodlyfe duo Radio and Weasel released a song,  Bread and Butter which went on to be an anthem.

The song officially ushered them in the competitive music industry.

They had previously dropped a couple songs but they were never massive.

The catchy lyrics of  the song earned them recognition among young fans and in a few months, their fan base had exponentially increased.

John Kasadha a.k.a John Black is one of the musicians that grew up listening to Goodlyfe's music.

He revealed through this Twitter handle that enjoyed 'Bread and Butter' while he was in primary one.

This revelation shocked music fans and his followers on social media.

According to his bio on Twitter, he was born in 1996 and this means he was was 13 years of age at the time which is bizarre. In Uganda, most kids are completing primary seven or senior one at that age.

Nway, John Blaq could have started school late.

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