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Chris Brown Didn’t Pay Us — Ghetto Kids

Chris Brown Didn’t Pay Us — Ghetto Kids
Photo: Unknown

When the Triplets Ghetto Kids were contacted to feature in Chris Brown’s song, Back to Love, the excitement was palpable. 

They featured for two seconds but that did not matter, they made it.  It was believed they got highly paid for their involvement.
The group’s manager, Kavuma Dauda, claims they were never paid.

“They promised to do something but until today we have never received anything,” the manager confirmed while responding to a question of why they don’t have money yet over the years they have been working with big artistes.

He says they have hired a lawyer to ensure they are not cheated anymore.

Triplets Ghetto Kids are currently on the verge of losing their house after failing to complete the payments.

They deposited 180M and left with a balance of 112 million shillings. The landlord gave them up to November this year to complete the balance, however they have failed to fulfill their promise. They are currently looking for money from all corners to clear their balance.

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