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Healthcare Should Be a Priority For Musicians - Bebe Cool

Healthcare Should Be a Priority For Musicians - Bebe Cool
Photo: Unknown

Musician Moses Ssali has called upon fellow musicians to embrace pushing for better  good healthcare services for all Ugandans.

He says the musicians should use their fame to fight and  sensitize the public about a number of diseases which are affecting Ugandans.

Bebe Cool has also called upon the musicians to visit the Ministry of Health, Uganda and act as ambassadors of different department.

"Ministry of Health has over ten departments, these departments are all in place for the good of Ugandans but there is little known about them. fellow Musicians should go to the Ministry and be given the roles of ambassadors in popularising these departments. I called Spice Diana and asked her to visit the Ministry, she has a following and her Fame could be used to save a ugandan out there dieing of Cervix Cancer," he said this during a local television Interview.

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