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Nessim: I Can't Sleep With A Client 

Nessim: I Can't Sleep With A Client 
Photo: Unknown

Renowned music producer, Nessim of Shotgun records has advised fellow producers to stop sleeping with their clients- the artistes.

Nessim cautioned them that mixing business with pleasure is deterrent to a producer’s success. He described those who mix the two as unserious.

“I personally can never sleep with an artiste who come to my studio to record a song. I respect my job. I don’t come here to play. If I sleep with my clients then I don’t think my business can grow,” he explained.

Nessim is a father of two and has a wife at home. He is responsible for making some of the biggest songs in Uganda. 

Producers of his stature have been accused of sleeping with artistes with the promise of making them superstars.

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