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Bebe Cool Allegedly  joins Chameleone’s Superstar Association 

Bebe Cool Allegedly  joins Chameleone’s Superstar Association 
Photo: Unknown

Less than a month ago, Jose Chameleone started the Uganda Musicians Federation commonly known as Superstar Association and he was appointed the President. 

Several fellow musicians like Pallaso, Kabako, King Saha joined him while others kept glued to Cindy’s Uganda Musicians' Association. 

On Wednesday morning, other musicians including B2C and John Blaq were part of the meeting that was chaired at one of the city hotels in Makindye along Busabala road.

Bebe Cool was not present but Roden Y Kabako told our snoop that he had joined the Federation.

Kabako who is in charge of the group’s publicity failed to justify why Bebe Cool has refused to confirm his membership.

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