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Maurice Kirya Advises musicians to organize wedding concerts

Maurice Kirya Advises musicians to organize wedding concerts
Photo: Unknown

For almost two years, local musicians have not been able to set foot on stage to perform for their fans due to the Presidential directives on gatherings intended to stop the spread of Covid-19.

However, other meetings like weddings have been ongoing without any restrictions.

Musician Maurice Kirya thinks it’s very unfair to the music industry to keep locked yet other sectors are handling their work smoothly.

The singer, therefore, advised musicians to hold wedding concerts and charge people money to attend.

“So a Ugandan artist can not do a concert but big weddings can happen? Fine, We artists are gonna charge people to come to our wedding parties where we perform every Saturday, only to divorce on Sunday, fall in love on Monday, Marry again on Saturday,” he tweeted.

It should be noted that singer Nubian Li held a wedding over the weekend that was attended by over 200 people including former presidential candidate Bobi Wine, who was also his best man.

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