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Why Nina Roz Made A U-turn to Black Market Records 

Why Nina Roz Made A U-turn to Black Market Records 
Photo: Unknown

A few months back, one would have been right to assume that Black Market Records ( BMR) was quitting Uganda after several scandals and bad press. 

Many of the musicians signed under the label were complaining over contract issues. These included; Bruno K, Nina Roz, Rabadaba, and others.

Nina Roz claimed that the label had taken over her YouTube channel and that she was contemplating dragging them to courts of law. 

Moles have, however, informed us that Nina Roz swallowed a humble pie and decided to work with the label once again. It is not yet known what her new contract entails, but sources say she reached an agreement with the management.

Without a YouTube channel to fetch her income, and Covid-19  restrictions, she couldn't afford to finance her lifestyle.

This situation forced her to work with people she earlier deemed bad for her career.

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