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Chameleone Fires Manager Bijou

Chameleone Fires Manager Bijou
Photo: Unknown

Leone Island boss, Jose Chameleone and Bijou Fortunate are parting ways, Howwe has gathered.

Bijou was unveiled as Chameleone’s manager in 2020 but many cast doubt about her abilities to manage Chameleone. Some predicted that she wouldn’t take a month but she proved her critics wrong.  

Sources say Chameleone is not happy with Bijou’s work. He prefers his former manager, Robert Nkuke Mutiima.

It is reported that Bijou has not been able to secure major deals for Chameleone, something that made him dissatisfied.

Mutiima brought more work than her even though he had been removed from his role as manager.

There is no official communication, but a source says Bijou has already been informed to step back and let Nkuke take over.

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