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Grace Nakimera Speaks Out On Why She Has Been Quiet

Photo: Unknown

It has been a quiet run on the music scene for singer Grace Nakimera, with many speculating that she was having marital issues. The Kawonawo music star recently revealed what she has been up to in an interview with a local television, explaining that she has been busy with real estate business.

“I am a business woman and I love money so much, so I try as much as possible to balance Music and real estate- I get a little busier with real estate thus keeping me off the music scene”

Asked on what she likes most between Music and real estate “Real estate is my money, money is on my mind , my mind is on money -so I love business a lot however that doesn’t mean I don’t love music, I love it as much as I love real estate because  it is my passion, I don’t just force it”

She announced that she so much in gear to get back to the top of the charts especially now that she has released a new song titled bumper ku bumper “ this is a wakeup call” Nakimera declared

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