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Music Video Review: “Bumper Ku Bumper” By Sexy Grace Nakimera!

Photo: Unknown

It’s Grace Nakimera. Is this her best music video yet since Afukula?

You loved Grace Nakimera’s new love song – Bumper Ku Bumper when we debuted it on Howwe Music, we can now appreciate it more with the video.

Yes, Grace Nakimera is beautiful and sexy.  And her music videos are very complimentary to her audio — one has to affirm that she’s truly mature in taste of what the public expects of her.  A SEXY VIDEO! And trust us she never disappoints!

Download Audio: Bumper Ku Bumper

Unlike a lot of female artists who are conservative and economical with music videos, Grace draws you closer by the quality of directors who handle her projects. In Bumper Ku Bumper, Grate Make pictures, does another interesting piece.

The story of a lady who is in love with a handsome guy, and this lady is determined to do whatever it takes win his heart, Grace, playing the character of a girl madly in love, it’s enjoyable. I am turned off though, by the choice of the man – obviously I wish it were me!

I am particularly in love with the African dance and Grace’s cleavage shots. They are so sweet you may be caught up in them than the song. Nothing makes a great music video like some nature. I like the scenes shot at the start to the end. And the night shots of the forest makes one fall in love too.

This video is freshly inspiring. Filled with less competition with the West yet so moderately rich, Bumper Ku Bumper, the music video is worth it.

Warning: Wiggly booties, mouth-watering beauty and of course yummy cleavage are some of the dominant scenes in this video, and for that matter Grace Nakimera is responsible for the damage caused on various horny male emotions:

Watch and your troubles would be over.

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