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Drama as Angry Muslims destroy meat in Gulu over illegal slaughter of animals

Drama as Angry Muslims destroy meat in Gulu over illegal slaughter of animals
Photo: Unknown

Drama ensued in Gulu town when angry Muslims raided Gulu municipal abattoir and destroyed at least 70-kilograms of meat from animals allegedly slaughtered by a non-Muslim.  

The Muslims who acted on orders of Sheik Musa Kelil the Khadi of Acholi Muslim District, dumped the meat into the soak pit at the abattoir. 

Sheikh Kelil told media that the meat was dumped for the safety of consumers since the cow was slaughtered in contravention of the standards set by Uganda Halal Bureau.

An angry Kelil accused the non –Muslim who slaughtered the cow of mocking the Islamic faith since he committed the act on Eid Al-Aduha, an Islamic festival marking the end of Islamic pilgrimage which also commemorates the decision of Abraham to sacrifice his son, Ismail.   

According to Sheik Ismael Ali Omona the Imam of Jamia Mosque in Gulu town, there are only two legally recognized slaughtering points in Gulu, the main abattoir in Layibi Division and another one at Unyama Trading center with four certified butchers.

Omona reveals that they have heard rumors that two abattoirs in Bungatira Sub-County and Lacor Trading center are operating illegally.

The acting Gulu Municipal Veterinary officer Christine Ajok, who witnessed the dumping of the meat condemned the illegal slaughter of animals and vowed to hunt and arrest the culprit.

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