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Museveni Praises Mnangagwa for accepting to be Special guest at 57th Independence Day Celebrations, mourns Mugabe

Museveni Praises Mnangagwa for accepting to be Special guest at 57th Independence Day Celebrations, mourns Mugabe
Photo: Unknown

President Yoweri Museveni has appreciated his Zimbabwean counterpar HE Emerson Mnangagwa for honoring his invitation to be the special guest at the 57th Independence Day Anniversary celebrations in Sironko district. 

Mr. Museveni welcomed Mnangagwa at State house Entebbe on Tuesday evening when he arrived for a 2 days visit at the invitation of the Ugandan Head of state. 

The Zimbabwean leader who took power after ousting the late Robert Mugabe was given chance to address the crowds in Sironko before President Museveni's speech.  

''I am here today on behalf of the people of the Republic of Zimbabwe. I'm here at the invitation of my elder brother President Museveni. May I congratulate you on the 57th Independence and freedom. Zimbabwe has 29 years of Independence and freedom, so Uganda is an elder brother'' Mnangagwa said in his speech 
He said that Uganda's independence inspired countries in Southern Africa to also fight for their freedom. Adding that they aspire to follow and achieve like Uganda. 

''We were under sanctions for20 years however, because of support from sister countries like Uganda, we still survive'' he said. 

In his speech, President Museveni congratulated Ugandans on reaching the 57th Independence Day Anniversary and thanks President Mnangagwa for coming through. 

''In Africa, when you have a feast and a relative comes to join you in celebration, that act consolidates the brotherhood and sisterhood'' Museveni said.
He narrated that he went to Dar es Salaam back in the day to look for brotherhood and not just education. Adding that Africa is one, despite different languages spoken in the 54 countries. The president also said he was glad the African Union recently adopted Swahili as the official language. 

''I therefore thank president Mnangagwa for agreeing to come an check on his relatives in the great lakes on this occasion of the 57th Independence anniversary. I also want to use this occasion to extend our condolences for the death of president Robert Mugabe. I ask all of you to stand for one minute to remember his contribution'' Museveni said. 

The ongoing celebration is under the theme; ''Consolidation of National Unity, Security, Freedom and Prosperity.''

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