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Uganda Police Force Receives Allowance funds for COVID-19 Operations

Uganda Police Force Receives Allowance funds for COVID-19 Operations
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Police officers implementing the COVID-19 are set to receive allowances to buy food and other incentives to help in their day today work.

According to a memo from AIGP Brigadier Jack Bakasumba, the Chief of Joint Staff (CJS), officers from rank of Assistant inspector of police(AIP) and above will receive UGX 12,000 per day for ten days and other ranks from Sergeant (Sgt) and below will each get UGX 11,000 per day for the same period. 

28 policing regions, marines, Anti-Stock Theft Units (ASTUs), Officers attached to OPM, Airwing, SIMBA (Operations room), Counter terrorism (Less territorial forces) and 999 patrol officers will benefit from this.

In Kampala Metropolitan South, 864 people are set to benefit. The area has received UGX 94,810,000, Kampala Metropolitan East with 803 personnel will benefit from the UGX 89,590,000 while Kampala Metropolitan North with 1,738 personnel will benefit from UGX 193,990,000.

Albertine Region with 1,019 personnel receives UGX 113,770,000, Greater Bushenyi with 384 personnel receives UGX 43,000,000, Kigezi Region with 710 personnel gets UGX 79,250,000, Rwizi Region with 1,020 personnel gets UGX 113,960,000, Rwenzori East with 707 Personnel receives UGX 78,410,000 while Rwenzori West gets UGX 146,570,000.
Other regions are; Kiira Region receiving UGX 50,070,000, Busoga East Region UGX 113,970,000, Busoga North UGX 80,920,000, Bukedi Region UGX 85,070,000, and Greater Masaka gets UGX 120,270,000 among others.

Prior to this, Previously, Regional Police Commanders, District Police Commanders, Intelligence Officers and Community Liaison officers received fuel to implement the directives at divisions and regional levels.

In his many speeches on COVID-19 pandemic, President Yoweri Museveni has referred to police and security officers as a whole, as essential workers who had to keep working. The President recently allowed restaurants to open for business but only to provide take away. Officers, especially those on the road are expected to use the 12,000 and 11,000 shillings to buy themselves lunch.

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