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Police warns on use of face masks as Private cars, General Merchandise shops prepare to resume business

Police warns on use of face masks as Private cars, General Merchandise shops prepare to resume business
Photo: Unknown

Ugandans with private vehicles will be allowed to resume operation strictly on condition that they wear face masks, the Police spokesperson Fred Enanga has said.

This follows a step by President Yoweri Museveni which allowed General Merchandize shops to open for business starting tomorrow May 26th. The president also allowed people with private cars to start moving. 

However, Enanga says that the number of Ugandans accessing the central business district has increased and that social distancing and wearing face masks is priority.

The police spokesperson says that for private vehicle motorists to pass security check points, it is essential to wear a face mask and must maintain social distance within the vehicle.

“Only three occupants including the driver will be permitted in the private vehicles, all drivers and passengers must wear a mask to avoid any kind of penalties, cross border movement for private vehicles remains suspended” Enanga said.

He added that occupants of the private cars must have sanitizers and have their vehicles regularly cleaned to maintain high hygienic standards and avoid further spread of COVID19.

Vehicles will only be allowed to move during non-curfew hours, from 6:30am to 7PM. 

“No private vehicle will be allowed movement during curfew time anyone found violating the lock down rules as far as use of private is concerned, the vehicle will be impounded and in the worst case scenario, we shall have people arrested, fined and as a last resort charged in courts of law” he warned.

Enanga says they are still waiting for communication from the ministry of Trade regarding the operation of general merchandize shops, but as of now, they follow guidelines issued by the President.

He warned that anyone in this category who does not have a face mask, should not leave home. Only those with face masks will be allowed to open for business until government distributes the free masks.

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