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Police Impounds 143 on Night two of enforcing curfew on Private cars 

Police Impounds 143 on Night two of enforcing curfew on Private cars 
Photo: Unknown

The joint security task force will continue enforcing the guidelines set by President Yoweri Museveni especially in the traffic sector.

According to Fred Enanga the police spokesperson, all motorists whose cars were impounded have been handed over and cautioned.

Enanga however advised employers to release their workers earlier so they can beat the curfew time and not be caught on the other side of the law.

Speaking to the press in Kampala on Thursday, Enanga said that the idea of the curfew is meant to restrict movement and limit the spread of COVID19 in the country.
He noted that if Ugandans continue to work together with police, the pandemic will be defeated.

“Those still not observing the curfew and guidelines, we shall make them understand their obligation as through wide public campaigns and campaigns” he said.

Enanga added that a majority of the young population are not observing the provisions of the curfew. Between 7-8pm, police is getting reports of youths who are still loitering around trading centers and setting up in front of general merchandize shops which were permitted to open. 

“They should know that age is not the only risk for the COVID19, some of them think they have an immunity that is very strong and that is very wrong. This disease affects everyone therefore whether you are youth or elderly person, you have to protect yourself, family and community in this period” Enanga said.

On Wednesday, a number of people were caught breaking the curfew. In Kampala Metropolitan North, police impounded 54 motor vehicles which were found moving beyond curfew time. In KMP East, 23 vehicles were impounded, in KMP South, 66 vehicles were impounded bringing to a total 143 motor vehicles impounded last night.

Enanga said they would see whether to caution or subject them to courts of law.

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