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Police ready to enforce curfew on Thursday, as 3rd June Martyrs Day Celebrations attract only 100 Pilgrims

Police ready to enforce curfew on Thursday, as 3rd June Martyrs Day Celebrations attract only 100 Pilgrims
Photo: Unknown

Uganda police force is ready to deal with increase in activity as public transport returns to business as well as people doing business in malls. Despite all these numbers returning to work, curfew time remains between 7pm to 6:30am. 

With the traffic already driving private car owners crazy, things are expected to get worse with an addition of public transportation. 

Fred Enanga the police spokesperson welcomed taxis drivers back on the road, but asked them to ensure that their vehicles are in good mechanical condition. As for those in shopping malls, he says they should follow guidelines from the ministry of health and President Yoweri Museveni.

“We urge them to observe very strict health and safety regimes of wearing face masks, social distancing, use of sanitizers, regular hand washing with soap, daily screening of their workers and so on” Enanga said.

While addressing the press earlier today, Enanga said curfew time must be observed by everyone. He noted that there are some people who close their shops at 7pm which conflicts with curfew time. He says they should all plan their activities to enable them start moving home within the working time of 6:30 to 7pm. 

“We also know that there are those sectors whose lockdown has not been eased like the schools, their SOPs are being generated on how their safety can be better managed, places of worship, places of social entertainment, are suffering fatigue of lockdown, but they should not be wary. We know they will get eased up as the SOPs are being developed in that area” Enanga said.

Meanwhile, for the Uganda Martyrs Day celebrations tomorrow, only 40 pilgrims will be attending service at the Namugongo Anglican Shrine, while the Catholic Shrine will accommodate only 60 pilgrims.

Frank Baine the Uganda Prisons spokesperson says all the 100 pilgrims are known as they have been officially invited. Every year on 3rd June, tens of thousands of people converge at the Martyrs Shrines in Namugongo and others in Munyonyo to remember the Holy Uganda Martyrs who were burnt in Namugongo.

This year however, people have been asked to stay home and receive the prayers scientifically on TV. Masaka Diocese, had been chosen to lead the celebrations tomorrow, but this has not happened. They have however decided to hold their own celebrations which will be broadcast live on TV. At Namugongo, Mass will begin at 10am, while in Munyonyo, it will start at 9am.  

Baine warns that whoever has not been officially invited should stay home and not get into trouble with security agents that have been deployed at all the shrines.

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