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President Museveni Delivers State of the nation address, warns Landlords against evicting tenants 

President Museveni Delivers State of the nation address, warns Landlords against evicting tenants 
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President Yoweri Museveni has instructed that people whose businesses have been affected by COVID19 should be registered and an appropriate formula of support will be found that does not create dependency.

While delivering the State of the nation address via Zoom this afternoon, the President said Government will not allow the landlords evicting tenants on account of not paying rent, adding that discussions have started with both groups and a solution will be found. 

He noted that this lockdown is new for people in the towns. The president however said that things are different with people in villages like the cattle keepers who repeatedly face lockdowns lasting for many months whenever, there are epidemics of foot and mouth (ejwa) or CBPP (Kihaha).

Many business people have been worried abpout rental payment considering they have not been opening shops for close to three months now. Many have been asking if government will instruct landlords to let these months go without pay. However, landlords also say they have to pay taxes and that unless government exempts them from the taxes.

But, the president has in the past warned all landlords even those for homes, to avoid evicting tenants during this time of the pandemic. 

He also said that food distribution for the genuine groups will continue until the problem is over. “Nevertheless, many families in Uganda do not need free food; they just need seeds and low interest money for borrowing and markets for their products. These measures will deal with the deepening and expansion of the Real Economy” he noted.

According to Museveni, with real economy consolidated, the vulnerable economy will come back stronger when the pandemic is over. “By correctly managing the pandemic, the reputation of Uganda will grow in the World.  After the pandemic, people will flock here.  The diaspora are now sure of a secure and respectable base, their homeland” he said.

He said that the drying up of the local hotel capacity during lokdown, has created a marketing problem for the food industry and that is why some of the farmers are beginning to process the foods, e.g. eggs, into food supplements. 

“Out of egg-yolk, they are extracting mayonnaise, shampoos, body creams, and protein supplements and from the egg-white, they are making low density cholesterol and from the egg-shell (ekishankara), they get calcium and potassium. There is nothing to lose. Only, we are becoming wiser and stronger. We have everything” the president told the nation.

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