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Finally; Ministry of Education releases school calendar for final year students

Finally; Ministry of Education releases school calendar for final year students
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The ministry of Education has released guidelines for the Reopening of Education Institutions and Implementation of Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). 

In his speech on 20th September 2020, President Yoweri Museveni announced the reopening of education institutions for candidate classes (P7, S4 and S6) and final year students in tertiary institutions. These were closed with effect from 20th March 2020 as part of the measures to control the spread of Covid- 19 pandemic. 

According to Alex Kakooza the Permanent Secretary Ministry of education, the reopening of education institutions does not in any way imply that the danger posed by the pandemic has passed. 

He however says that over the past five months, Ministry of Education and Sports has been working closely with Ministry of Health and other stakeholders to prepare for safe reopening of education institutions under Covid- 19. 

Ministry of Health has provided comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Institutions of Learning during Covid-19 Pandemic as practical guidance on the required measures to minimize the risk of the spread of Covid-19. 

The guidelines issued today, provide actionable guidance for safe reopening and running of education institutions through effective implementation of the SOPs. 

He called upon management of all education institutions to internalize the guidelines and use them to make expeditious preparations for safe reopening and o rations of schools and institutions.

According to the guidelines, second term for Primary, Secondary, Technical/Farm schools and Community Polytechnics will begin on Monday 15th October and end on Friday 18th December 2020. Third term will then begin on Monday 11th January and end on Friday 30th April 2021.

Registration for PLE, UCE and UACE final examinations will take place between 22nd October to 20th November 2020. Briefing for UCE candidates will take place on 26th February 2021, while the examinations will begin on 1st March 2021 and end on 6th April 2021. 

Briefing for PLE candidates will take place on 26th March 2021, while examinations will take place on 30th and 31st March 2021. Briefing for UACE will then take place on 9th April 2021 and examinations will begin on 12th April and end on 3rd May 2021.

Kakooza warned that the calendar must be complied with by all education institutions whether private or government. 

“The dates indicated in this calendar may only be varied after obtaining written permission, on an individual basis, from the Permanent Secretary on recommendation of the Director Basic and Secondary Education or Higher, Technical and Vocational Education and Training, Ministry of Education and Sports, as the case maybe” Kakooza warned.

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