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Fille And MC Kats Set To Reconcile?

Fille And MC Kats Set To Reconcile?
Photo: Unknown

Howwe.Biz has exclusively learned that Fille and her estranged husband MC Kats have started ‘peace talks’ which may see the couple reconcile their marriage sooner than later. This comes after the couple separated months ago on grounds of infidelity.

According to a person close to both Fille and MC Kats, told us that Fille was taken under “spiritual counselling” and has apparently forgiven MC Kats in an effort to reconcile their marriage.

As the first step to this spiritual healing, File reached out to Kats and consequently he handed over passwords of Social media pages that he had taken off from Fille. In fact a few days ago, Fille had this to say,

"Hello lovely followers. I sincerely apologise for all the inconveniences and confusion that have been going around my social media pages. We have fully recovered this Instagram Page…From now on, every post will be uploaded by me and I shall be fully accountable to this page not anyone else. Thank You for sticking around. Love You. Bless."

But shockingly, after regaining access to her IG account, Fille deleted all the pics that they were together with her baby daddy.  

 “They both need spiritual healing from the Lord, but they’re committed to rebuilding their marriage … Please give them some privacy.” The insider responded to the deleted images.

We hope they settle their issues.

We will keep you updated as their events unfold.

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