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Tuff B's ex girlfriend sponsors own wedding

Tuff B's ex girlfriend sponsors own wedding
Photo: Unknown

In Mimi Ssemakula's love life, Tuff B is a closed chapter. Mimi is known for her romantic affair with the TV presenter which lasted a long time and resulted into a baby boy. The two, however, broke up a couple of years back citing unfaithfulness on Tuff's part.

Mimi is in a new relationship with a one Matovu. And she has already said the vows, till death do us apart, to her new man. Over the weekend, Mimi was walked to the altar  where she tied the knot before a swarm of friends, among them, Zuena Kirema. 

Word on the grapevine is that Mimi bankrolled the occasion, which is rare in African societies. She is deeply in love and desperate to forget Tuff who according to an insider has been barging her to give him a second chance. Tuff and Mimi have a child together.

Tuff kept Mimi's picture displayed in his living room even after the break up, the insider says. Adding that it is only after the wedding news came by that he removed it, painfully.

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