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Shocker: Nude Pics Of Martha Kay Leak

Shocker: Nude Pics Of Martha Kay Leak
Photo: Unknown

A few weeks ago, it was reported that anonymous people stole a phone belonging to social media comedian, Martha Kay, later they claimed to have her nekkid pics.

Well, some pics have been released. There is no way to determine that it is, in FACT, Martha in the images. But it sure looks like her without any clothes.


The shocking and NEVER BEFORE seen pics are said to have leaked after the young lady failed to pay ‘Ransom’ of $600 to the anonymous people.


The images, which are being shared on Social Media - and we are NOT PUBLISHING HERE - show "Martha" taking what appears to be nude pics in front of a bath tab while flashing her germinating bean.


And a video - of the purported Martha - shows her performing twerking in front of a man (whose face is hidden).


As usual, Howwe tried to reach her PR team and they blame PHOTOSHOP and haters.


We shall keep you posted


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