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AUDIO: Martha Kay Allegedly Took Nudes For 5 Million

AUDIO: Martha Kay Allegedly Took Nudes For 5 Million
Photo: Unknown

At the end of last week, Martha Kay’s nude photos went viral on the internet after being leaked by unknown persons.

Our ever alert investigative team embarked on a mission to investigate how, and who leaked the tempting nude photos.

We have exclusively learnt that Martha Kay took the nude photos for Ugx 5 Millions.

A source narrated to this website that Martha Kay was tricked by a city pimp who she met in one of the city top hangout spots.

The self proclaimed ‘Range Rover girl’ was told that a high profile government official was willing to pay her cash amounting to 5 millions if she served her saucy bean to the loaded fella.

Just like any typical desperate Kampala young lady, she agreed and they headed to a hotel room where the bonking sessions were  set to happen.

On arrival, the pimp asked Martha to take nude photos using her own phone so that the client who was by then away, could see what he was about to feast on.

The guy then disappeared with her phone with in the blink of an eye.

After disappearing, the pimp demanded for 3 millions in exchange for the photos and her phone, a Samsung Galaxy S8+ which she paid straight away.

 The pimp failed to honour the gentleman’s agreement they had  made and shared the photos with his friends who also leaked them after she failed to meet their demands.


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