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Exposed: Top 5 Kept Celebrity Relationships In Music Industry

Exposed: Top 5 Kept Celebrity Relationships In Music Industry
Photo: Unknown

Uganda's showbiz is blessed with several couples. They are always munching on each other. Some pretend to be just 'friends'.

Lucky enough, our snoops have eyes everywhere, every time, even in people's bedrooms.

Here are top people enjoying each other. Read on;

Nina Roz & Bennie Gunter

Tall and slender musician, Nina Roz and ragga dancehall artist Bennie Gunter having been staying together as a couple for months now. What started as a casual relationship developed into a serious affair and now they are inseparable.

Spice Diana and Manager

These two have never officially come out to clear air about the status of their relationship. Spice Diana and her general manager, Roger Lubega, are surfing each other we can confirm.

Roger, who also happens to be the former manager of struggling musician Ziza Bafana signed Spice Diana to his music label after splitting with Bafana. The two normally have heated up arguments whenever Spice Diana gets cozy with men during her performances.

 DJ Nimrod & Dj Lolah

Galaxy Fm's Dj Nimrod and Dj Lolah  are worryingly close. The two have been having a secret affair, which they don't want anyone to find out.

 Grenade Official & Vivian Mbuga

Team No Sleep (TNS) upcoming musician Grenade Official and SK Muga's wife Vivian were inseparable before Vivian was remanded to Luzira prison over fraud.

 Vivian is said to have bought a car and  designer clothes for  "Nkuloga" singer.

 Levixone & Winnie Nwagi

These two have been secretly seeing each other hoping the world  never finds out.

Our snitches revealed to us that Nwagi doesn't  get off her phone at night talking to  "turn the reply" singer.

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