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Rema Was Bebe Cool's Side dish - Bad Black

Rema Was Bebe Cool's Side dish - Bad Black
Photo: Unknown

Socialite Bad Black alleges Rema Namakula  was Bebe Cool's other woman. 

She says he used to surf Rema's thighs behind Zuena's back and this sparked off the wrangle between Bebe Cool and  Kenzo.

Bebe Cool had gotten used to Rema that he didn't want her to leave Gagamel.

"Eddy Kenzo should just be humble. He stole Rema from Bebe Cool, he remained humble. Actually, Bebe Cool is the most happiest person right now. No one should lie to you that Rema was just a singer in Gagamel, She was also acting as Bebe Cool's side dish. Kenzo should just keep quiet, what she did to Bebe Cool has also been done to him," she said when she was asked to weigh in on Rema - Kenzo Saga.

Rema graduated from Gagamel  Entertainment in early 2014 before meeting Eddy Kenzo who connected her to her current manager, Kalema.

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