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Tina Fierce Mocks Sheilah Gashumba over cyberbullying

Tina Fierce Mocks Sheilah Gashumba over cyberbullying
Photo: Unknown

A year ago, Sheilah Gashumba was all over social media pushing a campaign, “Stop Cyber Bullying in Uganda”.

This was after she accused former Urban TV presenter Tina Fierce of subjecting her and ex-boyfriend, God’s Plan to social media bullying. 

This forced the station management to ask Tina Fierce to take a forced leave and since then, she has never made a comeback on TV. 

She instead started her own YouTube channel that sells similar content.

Sheilah Gashumba had sworn to throw Tina Fierce in jail on top of getting millions of money in compensation but it seems this was an illusion. 

Tina Fierce who declined to mention Sheila Gashumba’s name said the people who were spearheading the fight against her a year ago over cyberbullying are real jokes and have no plans.

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